Forsaken world guild event: Get zeal ~ win leaves!

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Everyone loves shopping in the Eyrda Boutique... but let's face it players don't always have extra cash to throw at a game to buy more pixels for their pixels. But PWE loves to tempt Forsaken world players by daily BOGO (buy one get one free specials), new mounts, fashion, pets and even caters to gamblers with the multiple orbs and packs available. Disappointing players by putting the newest pets and mounts in packs giving players only a slim chance to win, encouraging gambling, and exorbitant spending. So goes the debate touting the evils of free to play with an OP cash shop and pay to play with a cosmetic shop.


Well now Guild members in Forsaken world have a chance to win some free leaves to go shopping! Cainanth has generously donated prizes for a guild Zeal event happening August 12th. The prizes are as follows: 1. 250 leaves, 2. 500 leaves, and if we get 30 sign-ups: 3. 1200 leaves. Basically if you win you get to shop! You can pick out anything in the Eyrda Boutique using all your leaves. Just think... orbs, mounts, fashion, refining items, gems, pets, resets.... it's all your fingertips~ or shall we say Cain's, cuz he will buy whatever you want from the shop. For those who don't just want fabulous items from the shop you can just get the gold equivalent to your leaf prize... but pardon me for saying...snore. Shopping is where it's at lol.

But why the event in the first place? What is zeal and why do we need it so bad? Well first of all Press g when your in game, then click on the Base tab and you can see all the Guild Base stats under Base Info. There is a lot of information there all about our guild base.


All the information you see here has a lot to do with our world rankings as a guild. To see the world rankings you go to the character screen which is a wizard hat icon, or press c. On the character screen it's on the top right the second icon that looks like military stripes. The mouse hover calls it "check rank". Once you get there you see your personal ranks as far as jobs and arena and the tabs for Guild and Bases. And also the Rift tab. It's the guild and base tabs that affect the Onovia Guild in Forsaken World's standing. These ranks determine if we can participate in Rift, get rift XP and mounted combat rewards, and if we can build new buildings. The ranks show our progress as a guild and what we need to focus on.Look at the tab called base. On the first tab under bases aon the left it's called No. and it shows us that ONOVIA was the third guild in the game to get a guild base. That's when guild bases were only 11 diamonds, compared to the 54 diamonds of today. Traditionally Onovia was always at the top of all the different rankings you see in the list. Prosperity, Funds, and on the Guild Tab: Level, Members, contibution and ZEAL. Considering all the guilds in forsaken world and the fact that half of them do not make the rankings lists at all~ Onovia is still doing pretty amazing. But the rank that is concerning us the most right now is called ZEAL under the Guild tab. After a push Sunday and Monday we went from 35 to 27 in the rankings because of all the guildies hard work at Guild affairs and Guild Base Quests. We also had a great boost because of the awesome Guild Exorcism(exo) on Sunday with 32 peeps showing up! But this zeal ranking/number affects whether or not we can build our last guild base building. We need 6000 zeal to build the last maintenance building (which drops daily guild base costs) and to complete the Onovia Base in Forsaken world. Looks like we are about 2000 zeal short atm. So how can we get this zeal up? By doing Jessica's Guild affairs, such as Life in the Harbor (5 Henry's), Nightmare Queen, and Guild Base Quests from Npc's in the base such as the Castle Warden. These quests give great XP, social contribution and chances of gems. We just have to remember to take them and do them daily! Also support our guild exorcisms and astral events.
Over the past year generous Onovian members have donated 500 Guild base cores a cash shop item worth about 20 in game gold. That's a lot of donations! We encouraged members by holding lotteries. These guild base cores were donated to build the last building: Our maintenance building, the one we need zeal for. Thank you everyone for donating. Now we just need the zeal..... so now another lottery and zeal event!

For this event to really work we need to get our zeal as high as possible before August 12th. Yeah I know it will take pixel sweat and blood, we may get carpal tunnel syndrome by clicking numerous times to auto-path. Guild Base quests are tedious, and time consuming... but oh think of the XP. They do have some of the best Xp rewards in the game, don't forget to take your Benefits quest by the way, you might get a gem. To help us out Lit_Keeps and draganaflame have compiled a list of how to get zeal, which takes in consideration players levels.
Check it out here for some ideas to help us hit 6000:

So the whole issue of ZEAL is what brings us to our event. We want to build this building. So we work hard by doing as many Guild quests as possible for the next two weeks, but their are rewards, massive XP and wait for it .... LEAVES,PRIZES, SHOPPING!!!!!!!!! On August 12th you can win, win, win! All day long we will all party up and make that last push for zeal. Based on the amount of participants that sign up for the event (yes you have to sign up. Do it here: http://onovia.com/showthread.php?115...2th-ZEAL-EVENT )
we will make a zeal goal for the day. We will all work together as a guild to get that zeal up. During the day there will be donated prizes given out and we will all do the Astral guild Base Event. When we reach our zeal goal then we will hold an EXO together. And then during the EXO we will have the leave lottery and prizes. What a fun day! If all goes as planned we can hit our goal of 6000 zeal with this event, and build our last building, and get some fabulous prizes along the way.

So sign up for the event, and tell your friends! Help us get to thirty sign-ups and a 1200 leave prize.


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