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    Important Note: If you have never done a Trade Run before, you CANNOT access the guild Trade Runs. You must first go to Christopher in Freedom Harbor and complete the quest entitled: Teach me to Be a Merchant. Once you have completed that first Trade Run, that you are guided through by Market Dealer Isha, you are welcome to start on Guild Trade Runs within our personal base! I will not go over every detail of how to do a trade run in this guide. This is just the basics for guild runs!

    What is a Guild Trade Run?

    Guild trade runs are a buffed version of the Solo Trade Runs that you can do for the Merchants Union in Freedom Harbor. The biggest difference between a solo run, and a Guild Trade run, is the rewards. For starters, a guild trade run provides our guild with much needed funds that keep our base floating majestically in the sky! Secondly, you gain enhanced soul coin & EXP rewards. Finally, you gain guild Merits for doing Guild Trade Runs! These facts alone make them more viable then your average FH Solo Trade Run. However, note that when starting a Guild Trade Run, it will prevent you form doing solo ones for that day (not that it really matters since the rewards are better for the base ones).

    How Do I start a Guild Trade Run?

    Starting a Guild Trade Run is the same process in starting a normal trade run. First, you enter our Guild Base and locate our Trading Post. If you move next to the Supplies Manager (just over the first bridge), you can open your map and double click on the NPC "Trading Post Manager" to be autopathed right to him. A few things that make trade runs easier and more profitable are: a fast ground mount, uncovered maps (so you can easily find your trackpoints), mercury reputation enough to have learned the skill that allows more trade runs in one day, and lastly, some good music or good company!

    Starting a Trade Run for the Guild is just a Few Short Steps:
    1. Talk to the Trading Post Manager *make note of any 'blue' help texts within the quest dialogs*
    2. Take the Quest Entitled: Start Guild Trade Run
    3. On the next prompt click I am ready.
    4. Talk to the Trading Post Manager again.
    5. Take the quest entitled: Guild Trade Run(first time)
    6. On the next prompt select receive.

    !IMPORTANT! you are now on trade run status. From here until you finish or cancel it, if you die by players, monsters, or you accidentally get stuck within game terrain, your run will be ruined. You also, may not make use of ANY Blue Trackstone or Teleportation NPC until your run has been completed or cancelled.
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    The Next Steps are when the fun actually begins:

    1. Talk to the NPC next to the Trading Post Manager

    2. Select option: Floating Island Market.

    3. Purchase the MAX amount of Bear Livers

    4. Leave the Guild Base. Go to the Exit portal and select the second option that will bring you outside to our trackstone. (Do NOT go to Freedom Harbor or you will have to run longer to your next destination)

    5. Once outside of the base open up your world Map and Set Track *autopath ore manual run* to the Windcry Farm Union Trader.

    I have taken the liberty to label a map for you with the Trackpoints in order from our base as a starting point:

    6. Once At Windcry Farm Union Trader talk to the NPC Milia to open up shop with him.

    7. Sell all of your Bear Livers to this NPC:

    8. Purchase the Max amount of Wheat Straw from Milia:
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    9. Once you have your Wheat Straw head to Freedom Harbor. Talk to NPC Isha near Mercury Union Chairman Christopher.

    10. Sell her all of your Wheat Straw.

    11. Buy the MAX Amount of Linen Paper from her.

    12. After you make sure you've purchased your Linen Paper, head to the third stop at Ironclaw Wood, and talk to the NPC named Loke.

    13. This is where it gets tricky, pay attention here. Put all of your Linen Paper in the Sell window and check the numbers. DO NOT sell it all if it will put the number over your "target" we don't want to hit that just yet! If it doesn't, Sell all of it:
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    14. Purchase 120 Agaric Mushroom and 50 Wax Brick from Loke:

    15. Now you go back to our Guild Base, and back to our trading post. Talk to the Guild Market Dealer again, this time we sell all of the Agaric Mushrooms But leave the Wax Brick in your bag for now and instead purchase 150 Bear Liver:

    16. Now, you can safely sell your Wax Bricks to the NPC, and purchase the final 50 Bear Livers. That last 50 are just insurance that you will reach the max carry limit. Once you feel comfortable to know how many more you have to buy feel free to take liberties. =D

    17. Leave the base again, and go back to Milia in Windcry Farm. Sell him everything you have left in your bag. Note that the number to the left should be in RED. That means you have reached your maximum carry limit for this run. This is great it ensures you gain the max rewards for yourself, and for the guild for this run:

    18. Your last trek is back to the Guild base from here. Once back inside, go back to the trading post in side the base, and talk to the Guild Market Dealer. This time we take the Business Estimation tab:

    19. Hit the Settlement Key to complete the run and get your reward!

    20. Congratulations, you have successfully completed the first run of the Guild Trade Runs! You can now move on to Runs two and three, which are longer and more complicated.

    I hope that this sheds some light on a very much untapped resource for our guild, and that you now have a better understanding. You don't have to do the exact purchases i have made in this guide, as the numbers change day to day from the NPCs, as well as your starting capital may be different! This is all just a simple outline. Feel free to explore other routes, as well as different goods combinations and find what is best suited for your play style!

    Feel free to leave any comments, questions of suggestions below. I'm not the best person at this, but I like to think I have a good handle on it. Thank you for taking the time to ready my guide!
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    Thank You very Much i might actually start trading now lol
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    Thanks! I'll work on that today with your guide!
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    Nice guide. Very detailed, precise. Love it good work sam.

    From the windcry farm npc I usually stock up on Green Rum instead of Wheat Straw. Price on Green Rum in Freedom HArbour is way more than the straw. Also able to get a full bag from Slepnir's guild base which at this time of posting is free to enter.
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    Thanks guys! And yes Doggy, that is a good note. However be wary that using other goods poses a risk at times, and many of them have level limits of when you can purchase them! =D But yes Green Rum is Epic, and the ability to go into another base's trading post changes the game significantly when it comes to trade runs. I personally, don't dabble wit hthis just yet, as you can never really know if someone has a Trading Posti n their base yet. =D Always take caution when doing new stuff, but I do encourage you to branch off of this guide and try what works best for you!
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    heres a link to the buy and sell prices for the plains
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    Just a reminder:

    It'd be great to mention to newcomers about merchant skills and to learn them if possible. The merchant tutor in Freedom Harbor is a tiny guy; he's easy to miss. So if you could mention about learning important skills such as 'Knowledge of Goods' so we can get more runs in, it'd be great.

    <3 Awesome jobs on trade runs btw guys.
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