Tutorial How to Make Your Microphone Sound Better

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Whether you're a streamer or just a gamer, do your viewers and friends a favor by enhancing your audio waves! While it can be a bit of a process to setup the software and at times certainly a little frustrating, overall it can be worth it. I started looking into how to make my microphone sound better after purchasing a Blue Yeti microphone almost a year ago. Since then i've learned a lot of the major do's and don't that weren't in the many guides I had read. To avoid making a guide that simply repeats the wheel here, I'll just lay out some of the major points I've learned and link to the setup guides I found most helpful.

If you're a streamer and you use OBS you can actually enhance your mic by using VST plugins directly within OBS. Alternatively if you want more control over your audio waves, you can pair it with REAPER.

If your not a streamer but want more control over your audio (this is the path I took) then you'll need Voicemeeter Banana (or voicemeeter potato...

How To Become Better At Competitive Shooters

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It all starts by bonding with your hardware.
It's time to become one with your computer and mouse!

To become the best, you must first intimately know the ins and outs of your hardware! All you have to do is spend some time bonding together. Not the normal every day gaming session bonding we do so much already, but something a bit more... intimate. First Person Shooter(FPS) games(3rd Person Shooters too), especially the multiplayer player versus player (PvP) games, really bring out the competitiveness in gamers. When it so often comes down to one more shot or perhaps spotting the enemy just a little sooner than they had spotted you, gamers have concocted an infinite number of hardware tweaks or crazy gameplay styles in an attempt to squeeze out every bit of performance from themselves and their gaming gear. I've brought together a few optimization tweaks that are an absolute must for competitive gamers to have in their arsenal. Being able to understand the mechanics behind these...

The Chatterbox - How to Get Your First Exotic Weapon

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How to Get The Chatterbox, an Exotic SMG in The Division 2

If you've reached level 30 and advanced to World Tier 4 you may be thinking about laying claim to your very first exotic level weapon. If so, here it is! The Chatterbox, a P90 variant that's held by the infamous Hyenas. This SMG isn't just dropped from a rare elite boss though. You'll need to farm up some Hyena keys and open some specific Hyena cache boxes to gather the pieces to craft this gun. Have no fear though because the RNG, drop rates / cache spawn rates aren't too bad.

When you begin to farm the Hyena keys, its advised you group up with a full squad of friends. With each key a squad member also obtains, means one more loot drop from a Hyena Cache Box without actually using a key of your own. This effectively quadruples your drops!

I know i've been saving some keys to give it a go myself along with @Kazin once he's free to try. That means two open spots with our group if anyone else is looking to try for it this...
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