Essential and Highly Suggested WoW Addons

WoW addons that save you time and effort in battle for azeroth

These WoW addons will give back lost time and enhance your gameplay

It’s hard sometimes to separate the things you need with the things you may only just want. I’ve gone through all of the addons I’m currently using and condensed this list down to the essential WoW addons. Remember you can play WoW with absolutely no addons, while it may be true you don’t absolutely need these mods, their value is undeniable.


The first of my suggested essential WoW addons is very popular. It’s a simple addon that allows for notes to be added to your minimap. Don’t worry, you won’t be adding notes manually in an attempt to remember rare spawns and the like. Instead, you can download plugins, that use the HandyNotes addon to propagate and save whatever set of data the plugin includes.
Here are few HandyNotes plugins that will make your life easier, and save crucial time as you game.

Their benefits are pretty self-explanatory within their names. While the plugins above I’d say are close to essential, there’s a lot of additional plugins to help with achievements, mounts, holiday event content and more. You can easily enable/disable or remove without damaging your other plugins or the HandyNotes core addon.

  • HandyNotes: Lorewalkers
  • HandyNotes: Well Read
  • HandyNotes: Higher Learning
  • HandyNotes: Long Forgotten Hippogryph
  • HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures

For a full, comprehensive list of all our suggested plugins, or if you have a plugin to suggest check out my post,
HandyNotes – Plugins; Browse & Share Your Favorites.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

DBM helps you through dungeons, raids, world bosses, and more with both audio and visual queues. DBM pulls info from the WoW backend to give you visual cooldown timers for boss spells, warnings if you’re standing in hostile “stuff”, and even tell you when you should be using an interrupt and on what spell as that said spell is being cast. When failing to dodge or be able to predict an incoming spell from a boss at mythic, more times than not you’ll be knocking on death’s door. DBM introduces players first hand with the techniques they’ll need to develop to become better and respond accordingly to their surroundings.I’ve always used DBM and being the more popular compared to its similar competitor, BigWigs, DBM has never gave me a reason to delete it.


There’s a ton of times where I’ve had to open my inventory in the middle of a battle, or running away to survive. The default bags open with individual UI units, thus more space is taken with border and spacing etc. Bagnon can take it all and slim it down to 1 larger bag. Topped off with with cosmetic adjustments to suit your style, Bagnon has reinvented my inventory, my bank, as well as my Guild Bank interfaces. One thing i’ve never tried is further customizing Bagnon’s sorting options. With some scripting and the such you’ll be capable of assign appropriate priorities to items and thus have the perfect, never in the wrong spot order of items after every sort.

Easy Scrap

Simple interface, easy to understand, and saves you from staring in at your inventory in search of where you last placed those BFA greens etc. Scrap pulls all scrapable items neatly into its own interface where you may load them all with a single click. Further refine how the process works by adding filters to perhaps leave out a specific item to not be scrapped, or all BoE type items.


Helps, manage and best optimize your troops for completing missions how you want them prioritized. Perhaps the best part of this addon and certainly what drove me to searching for it, ChampionCommander will show all your completed mission results instantly together. Just hit the X to move on, no longer do you have to wait for the fighting animation to repeat over and over as you flip through the finished missions. Huzzah!

World Quest Tracker

If you’re going to be running and flying from one side to the other of the ever growing realm of WoW, make sure its worth while. World Quest Tracker brings a ton of helpful features but these are perhaps the most used and are my justification for using the addon:

  • World Quests appear on world maps and not just the zone maps
  • World Quests appear on flight maps, no need to close out of the flight master’s map to once more try and memorize the WQ location
  • When you come into range of a world quest you are given the option to search for other parties completing the same WQ that also use World Quest Tracker to list their group (While not needed or used for the raid level world quests, since Blizzard has their own implemented version of  this, this feature remains helpful for WQs that require kill many enemies etc.)

Learn more about World Quest Tracker at


*I don’t and haven’t used this exact addon, I have a fastloot feature included with ElvUi*

I didn’t know looting could be so fast! With turning on the “loot all” option blizzard supplies, looting doesn’t seem that long. Oh, how wrong we are! Fast looting addons make your loot take well under 1 second comparative to perhaps a more normal 2-3 second looting time. Quite often being on the move in a dungeon or running from a large group of mobs means you don’t have the time to stop, but now you do and it’s as close as literally looting and walking at the same time as it gets.

Learn more about FasterLoot at


*I don’t and haven’t used this exact addon, I have a fastloot feature included with ElvUi*

Move and even scale your interface frames. This is huge, it even includes alpha adjustments if you’d like. Put what you want where you want it.

Learn more about MoveAnything at

I hope this small list of essential WoW addons help out. I have a ton of other addons that solve and help in many ways, but I’ve decided to group them by their respective corresponding purposes. Be sure to check out helpful PvP addons, PvE, Quality of Life, and even addons that are most compatible with players who want to dive into more advanced gaming content.

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