Top Useful Plugins for HandyNotes

Screenshot of HandyNotes a World of Warcraft addon displaying rare bosses and loot

HandyNotes is one of my favorite and most used addons. I’ve even included it in my list of Essential and Highly Suggested WoW Addons For those who may not be familiar with it, HandyNotes adds noted map markers on your world and minimap. Some offer additional information by hovering over an icon, such as what pet, toy, or equipment a rare monster and chests give. HandyNotes (an “addon”) requires plugins, which are installed in the same way and automatically add/sync themselves into the addon within the game. The plugins you choose to download determine the information you would like listed on your maps.

Don’t Have HandyNotes yet? Find it on Curse/Twitch Here

List of useful plugins by usage

Below is a curated list of HandyNotes plugins that I found useful either in an everyday gameplay or perhaps used when going after a mount or achievement. I’ve divided them into 3 Tiers for now.

Tier 1: Essential or very frequently used.

Tier 2: One you may leave on due to occasional usage like previous expansion content.

Tier 3: One-time usage usually. For example the Long Forgotten Hippogryph plugin that shows the spawn locations of crystals. Once collected and having aquired the mount, this plugin may be removed.

Tier 1

Tier 2

  • HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures
  • HandyNotes: Field Photographer
  • HandyNotes: Well Read
  • HandyNotes: Lorewalkers
  • HandyNotes: Higher Learning

Tier 3

Share your favorite HandyNotes plugins

Post about your favorite HandyNotes plugins and they may be added to the list for others! It’s not the easiest thing to find some of the less used or popular ones, but they still can be very useful. Please share!

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