World of Warcraft’s 14th Anniversary Event Overview

Today marks the beginning of a two-week long event in celebration of WoW’s 14th Anniversary. With some unique items, gifts, and 350 ilevel gear, you may not want to skip participating in this event (daily even!). 

Timewarped and Event Vendors

Login during the event to receive WoW’s 14th Anniversary and an Anniversary Gift in the mail. Open the gift to receive Celebration Package, Timewarped Badge x200, and an item that begins the Interesting Times quest. The quest acts as a guide leading players to an event vendor that sells some cosmetic items in exchange for Timewarped Badge.

The anniversary pairs well with the also active Outland Timewalking Dungeon Event. Pairing the reputation boost from the
Celebration Package while running Burning Crusade timewalking dungeons is  a great way to farm reputation. Furthermore if the free x200 
Timewarped Badge(s) aren’t enough to buy all that you’d like from the Anniversary Event vendor, the x500 Timewarped Badge quest(s) reward from the timewalking dungeon (and raid) should help cover the rest.

Below is a brief list of the only permanent items for purchase from the Anniversary Event. The remaining items are limited by charges. Don’t forget about the normal  Timewalking Vendor that is also available until November 20th 4am ET.

New-Old World Bosses

If that doesn’t have you excited then maybe some new old bosses will! This year we see the return of six infamous world bosses. Every world boss drops loot that scales to 350 illevel including some that had been previously removed from the game. The world bosses only have daily reset timers instead of the normal weekly resets. Whether you’re trying to gear up your new level 120s or are after some rare transmogs, be sure to get out there daily!

For more information about World of Warcraft’s 14th Anniversary Event taking place for the last two weeks of november, look no further than Wowhead’s updated guide.

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