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    Grim Dawn Builds, Classes, New Content Steam Review and More

    Grim Dawn Overview Action Role Playing Game (arpg) sold on steam. Check out the newly listed Grim Dawn Definitive Edition bundle for a discount of 15% off. The bundle includes the base game Grim Dawn itself, Ashes of Malmouth, Forgotten Gods, and Crucible. List of Grim Dawn DLC and Expansions...
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    Tutorial How to Make Your Microphone Sound Better

    Whether you're a streamer or just a gamer, do your viewers and friends a favor by enhancing your audio waves! While it can be a bit of a process to setup the software and at times certainly a little frustrating, overall it can be worth it. I started looking into how to make my microphone sound...
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    Ulala: Idle Adventure Review for Android a Mobile Game

    Ulala: Idle Adventure, having only released less than a month ago on Android, has already obtained over 1,000,000+ downloads with a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 based on ~64,566 reviews. Also found in the Apple App Store My rating for this game, an Editor's Choice in Google Play, is a 5 out of...
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    15 Year Anniversary - A Love Hate Relationship

    WoW's 15 year anniversary is coming up anyone planning on resubbing for the bonuses and playing? I AM!
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    Operation Dark Hours - The Long Awaited Raid is Here

    Its ready, but are you? I certainly hope so! Operation Dark Hours patch notes are available to look at and there's alot to look forward to beyond just the raid. Of course the new 8 player raid takes the forefront of new cool things, below are a few highlights I found interesting. If you want to...
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    All New Wiki Pages for Soul Destiny

    @Zhandroid has been amazing with assisting Onovia members. The very same day I asked him if it was possible to create some wiki pages for a new mobile game, he had a dedicated subdomain with mediawiki up and running! You don't get that kind of support even from paid vendors! With that, I'm...
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    I Gave RAID: Shadow Legends a 1-Star Review on Google Play

    Remember the infamous scam that utilized a rounding error to skim a fraction of a penny off of every digital transaction? So small of an amount was it, that it went unnoticed. With so many transactions taking place, the pennies added up to millions, tens of millions and more in no time. It's no...
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    Recruitment Waiting List

    With the influx of requests to join Onovia over the past few weeks we've been able to make some room for new active players who want to join. Below is the waiting list for players to join. I'll keep this up to date by adding the players ID, status, and date of the requested entry along with...
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    How To Become Better At Competitive Shooters

    It all starts by bonding with your hardware. It's time to become one with your computer and mouse! To become the best, you must first intimately know the ins and outs of your hardware! All you have to do is spend some time bonding together. Not the normal every day gaming session bonding we do...
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    Using Android Emulator BlueStacks to Play Mobile Games on Desktop

    What do you use it for? You mobile game on pc?
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    This Is How You Know Developers Care

    I always look, I just can't help it! Most of the times there's nothing there, but when there is... I smile. Whether its scrap paper flying around on the ground or computer screens filled with code, when game developers take the time to fill this tiny screen space within your screen, it shows...
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    I'm a Google Local Guide. What about you?

    Google Maps has come a long ways. Along with its terrific directions, GMaps serves up pictures and reviews of restaurants, stores, attractions and more all at the tips of your fingers. Google however, wouldn't be able to if it wasnt for its vast community of users. If you're a fan of...
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    Using Android Emulator BlueStacks to Play Mobile Games on Desktop

    It wasn't until the launch of Pokemon Go that I looked into using a phone emulator on my pc. At the time of Pokemon Go's world launch I was living in Japan the race to become the best was alive and real! Thats when I found out I could emulate my GPS coordinates and "walk" around without actually...
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    Tidal Basin Releases on Friday, Aprilt 5th

    The release date is here! Are you ready for the all new Tidal Basin?
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    Is The Elder Scrolls: Blades What We've Been Hoping For?

    The Elder Scrolls has taken their chances in the Mobile Gaming genre with the recent beta launch of The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Personally i've been waiting for this since its initial press release last year. I haven't played more than an hour or so but plan to continue and give everyone an...
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