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    Welcome To Onovia!

    that would most definitely be mine
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    Welcome To Onovia!

    Sup guys ~LeeWuzX
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    Post Your Real Life Pic!!! (we wanna see you!)

    in a week or so ill be back
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    Quitting Onovia...

    shit happens when jd is involved
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    New PC

    I'm going to be buying a labtop in the next coming months (still waiting on that damn tax return) and due to my ever lasting lazyness i planned on just buying the first alienware I see in my price range of $900-$1100. I know I should look a littledeeper but my job keeps me to tired or busy to...
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    Onovia's "Homer" Server Upgraded

    i just remember we used to use ts3 to file share torrents and other random shit but it waslimited to admins for serverside reasons.
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    Onovia's "Homer" Server Upgraded

    does this bring more file sharing possibilities?
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    Revised Officer Application

    IGN: LeeWuzX Time of Day you're usually on: Whenever I am available Who recruited you: Cain, with all his sexiness, way back in the day How long have you been with us: Since the beginning Why do you enjoy being a part of the community: Because I was here since the beginning, and I love the way...
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    Onovia Gaming Community!

    Hey all! Lee here updating the front page with some cool info on how awesome Onovia is! We are growing more and more every week! First shout out go Onovia has a rock solid League Of Legends following that is just plain huge. We have always been hardcore League fans and I'm pretty sure it will...
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    Raise before Layoff

    haha i feel like its either sympathy or just a dick move. When i think of a raise i think of a increase of money because of the good job your doing. but obviously they dont think your doing that job well enough or theyd keep you. Overall it is free money but seems kinda dumb to me.
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    Server Maintenance Feb 8, 2012

    Will the minecraft server be down?
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    My new favorite band :)

    Lol its so upbeat and cheery you would never guess it
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    Onovia's Official Mascot / Logo

    Not putting down. I like the idea just not the particular image. I'm sorry i didnt know we had to be politically correct here. I Think the phoenix is cool but i prefer a more masculine logo. Its a good picture just a bit glittery for my taste, sorry i stated an opinion.
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    My new favorite band :)

    That song actually has a deep meaing. its based on a true story. This poor kids was getting bullied so he took his dads gun and shot up a mall. Its a real massacer
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    Onovia's Official Mascot / Logo

    I agree a phoenix is cool but only if its not as fruity as that one ^
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