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    All New Wiki Pages for Soul Destiny
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    Minecraft 1.14 Villager Professions and their Workbenches

    A full list of work station blocks and their corresponding villagers below: Armorer: Blast Furnace Butcher: Smoker Cartographer: Cartography Table Cleric: Brewing stand Farmer: Composter Fisherman: Barrel Fletcher: Fletching Table Leatherworker: Cauldron Librarian: Lectern Mason: Stonecutter...
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    FTB Ultimate Reloaded Shutdown

    The time has come to shut down the FTB Ultimate Reloaded 1.5 server. There were several issues that we discovered over time that caused massive amounts of lag for the server. It's no longer useful for us to keep the server running with the tick lag. The last backup to run on the server can be...
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    Setting Spigot Setttings to Near Vanilla Settings

    Spigot is, by default, tweaked to improve performance. You or your players may notice that monsters, villagers and other mobs don't move at a distance. You can change the following settings which will restore those distances to near vanilla settings: entity-activation-range: animals...
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    S+ Servers Closed

    I have decided to shut down the legacy S+ ARK servers. As promised, the maps can be download here:!TwAy0IQT!0OPjKGsYvMAcS4y2ce03PQ Please note that you need to install S+ and Super Spy Glass to run the maps without loosing structures.
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    Public Survival McMMO2 OnoviaCraft Long GriefPrevention

    Address: Onovia hosts a 50 player Survival McMMO server Survival Commands Available CoreProtect Data logging and anti-griefing tool GriefPrevention Player Driven Land Claims setup to be long term claim EssentialsX Public server friendly commands Grief Prevention Flags...
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    FTB Ultimate Offline for Maintenance

    The server has been migrated to the new hosting platform and has been running just fine. If you notice any issues, please reach out to me here or on discord!
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    FTB Ultimate Offline for Maintenance

    Hey all. Just a quick note that FTB Ultimate Reloaded server is offline for maintenance. I am moving the server to our new hosting platform. I anticipate this taking about 1 hour. I'll post here when it's complete.
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    Using Android Emulator BlueStacks to Play Mobile Games on Desktop

    Yes. I casually play FFBE, Skylanders and Idle Hero's!
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    Using Android Emulator BlueStacks to Play Mobile Games on Desktop

    I've tried them all. I always went back to NOX time and time again. I recently discovered a "cleaner nox" called MeMU. I de-crapify my image by removing the built in adware, installing a clean launcher and then turning off root so it doesn't return!
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    OnoviaARK Cluster Updated to 294.101

    We have updated to the latest version of ARK! If there are any issues, please let me know! Please see the change notes below: Current Server Version: v294.101 Homestead Fixed double door pickup after pickup timer has expired Disabled structure pickup when inventory is full Fixed bug...
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    Google Announces Game Streaming Service Stadia

    This past Tuesday, Google announced their new game streaming service "Stadia". This will place your client in the cloud. In my opinion, this opens an entirely new era of gaming! Having dynamically scaling resources for both the client and server allows for infinite possibility and creativity...
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    FTB Ultimate Reloaded Server Updates

    Onovia's FTB Ultimate Reloaded server has been updated to 1.5.0. This brings bug fixes both server and client side. I've also enabled some block logging and permissions to help combat some griefing that's been going down. All users now have access to the '/pr near' command which will list all...
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    Thoughts on the game?

    So Division 2 has been out for a few days now. What's everyone's thoughts? It looks extremely smooth. Is there enough content to keep people engaged?
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    Minecraft 1.14 Feature Overview

    Minecraft 1.14 is right around the corner. This looks to be an even bigger update than 1.13 was! Here's an excellent recap of coming changes. What's your favorite upcoming feature?
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