A Quick Overview of Status Effects


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One of the most important things to know about Hellgate: Global's combat system is the way in which status effects apply themselves, as well as what they do. There are five main status effects in the game. The effects are Ignite, Phase, Poison, Shock and Stun

Ignite (Fire): cause an enemy to drain 5% of their total health every second for four or five seconds.

Phase (Spectral): is a debuff that makes enemies deal 50% less damage and take 50% more damage from all sources.

Poison (Toxic): is a minor life-draining debuff that prevents enemies from healing.

Shock (Electrical): is a short stun which wears off quickly. Which then prevents them from using spell or abilities for the next few seconds. But you can us your weapons and items.

Stun (Physical): prevents a enemy from moving, attacking or using any abilities. Only Physical weapons and spells can stun a opponents.

- some of this info might be out of date and the guild will be updated as now info because available
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