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In the spirit of our MoW thread and to get people posting in our "Campfire Pics" thread.

We'll be having a weekly reward for best screenshot taken per week (must be in the Campfire Pics thread).

WarPrincessca + Cookie and other officers will choose your winner. Best screenshot can be anything from creative to funny to whatever you can think of - must be taken at one of our campfires for the week of the prize.

Winner announced on Saturday during one of our campfires.

Prize is 3 sapphire crystals.

Best Photographer + Campfire Pic of the Week:

April 28th 2012 -

May 5th 2012 -

May 12th 2012 -

May 19th 2012 -

May 26th 2012 -

June 2nd 2012 -
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