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This Community Conduct Guidelines (referred to herein as CCG) is in place to protect Onovia and it's members. Onovia and it's admin teams reserve the right to remove users, links, images, posts from any or all pages and or posts. Onovia and it's admin teams also reserve the right to update the CCG at any time without notification. Note that these rules apply to text as well as images. Onovia's CCG also covers any and all games in which the Onovia tag or label is represented.

Flaming (Click me) is an internet term to describe bashing. We do not allow this to happen, and is subject to administrative action.

Direct insults to members and non-members alike are prohibited. Making fun of disabilities, races, genders, sexual orientations, sexes are all prohibited. Use of slang or slur words that could be considered offensive are also prohibited.

Personal Information
There is to be no posting of personally identifiable information. No one on the Onovia staff team will EVER request this information from you. This includes your name, passwords, emails, addresses, federal id's, phone numbers, etc. If you are ever asked for personal information, please contact an admin on the website, or submit an email to [email protected] with as many details as possible. Note that in the event that you will a contest or giveaway, you may be required to provide such information to claim your prize.

Locked Thread Continuation
If an administrator or moderator locks a thread, that means that the topic of conversation is over. Threads are locked to protect members, guests, or Onovia itself from exposure or liability. Creating a new thread in an attempt to continue a locked conversation may result in administrative action.

Phishing / Warez / Virus
Onovia does not allow the use of, distribution, or discussion of phishing activities, warez distribution, or virus distribution. Posts on these topics will result in a thread lock and or administrative action.

Solicitation / Unauthorized Advertising
Onovia does not allow solicitation or unauthorized advertising. Posts, images, signatures, links to websites may be removed at any time. If you wish to advertise, please contact an admin for approval before doing so.
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