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General Community Rules

Failure to follow these community rules will result in a warning or removal of the member from our community, forums and game servers.

These are the rules on how every member and public player should conduct themselves within the community, in the forums, on the game servers and in our voice communication servers.

These rules are for ALL members AND guests including, but not limited to, public players on public servers, supporting members, forum moderators, game administrators and lead game admins.

Maturity and Respect:
These are the qualities of a good member. If a member can't be mature and is the focus of complaints within the community then they will be removed. This can include, but is not limited to, disrupting a game in any way and frequently insulting or starting arguments with other members. Any content that is deemed insulting or immature will be moved or deleted without warning.

As a member of a mature community, you are allowed to express yourself with adult language provided that it remains in good taste and is not aimed in anger or disrespect at another member. The more severe inflammatory words, such as F-Bombs and derogatory names for human genitalia, will not be tolerated especially in the form of an attack. Use common sense and tailor your language so that it is appropriate for the thread that you are posting in.

Explicit Images:
In no way are community members allowed to post images of pornography, excessive gore, or anything considered illegal in the continental United States. As in real life, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Clickable links to explicit images are allowed IF the image is relevant to the forum and the topic, if a warning is posted in the header or at the top of the post itself. The link itself should include a warning such as NOT WORK SAFE or EXPLICIT IMAGE. This is all about respecting other community members, while reserving your rights at the same time.

Moderators, Admins and Lead Admins:
Community members must respect and listen to the Moderators, Admins and Lead Admins of this site. Failure to do so will result in a warning, temporary ban or permanent removal of the member from both the servers and the forums. If you feel you have been mistreated then please file a report by following the process listed below.

Complaints or Reports:
Do NOT file a complaint or report a misdoing within the public forums. Please visit the “Admin and Contact Info” then please contact the appropriate person.

Forum Specific Rules

Forum Avatars:
Avatars are limited to being no larger than 150 pixels high by 150 pixels wide and with an image file size no larger than 15K.

Forum Signatures:
Signatures are limited to 250 text characters or an image no larger than 150 pixels high by 450 pixels wide and with an image file size no larger than 30K. If both text and an image are present then the text should be limited to 100 text characters or less.

The Core Rules posted in the Community Rules still apply, where you MUST be MATURE and RESPECTFUL to the other community members, even within a heated topic or debate.

Game Server Rules

A good player/member will follow all these general guidelines when playing on any public or private game servers.

NOTE: There may be more game specific rules. For a list of games, their info, and any extra rules that they may use, please the specific games forums for rules.

Required Rules:

- No Cheating!! If a player is found to be cheating then they will be permanently removed from the community.

- No spawn camping of any kind including infiltrating and attacking un-capturable bases.

- If vehicles are present in a cooperative or team game then use the vehicles properly. Do not use or destroy them in situations which they where not intended.

- If a game is meant to be played as a team then you need to play as a team. If a game is meant to be played as a death match then it should be played as a death match.

- If the game is using cooperative or team game then follow the designated team leader.

- No off-site advertisements. This can include but is not limited to text or links.

- Listen to an administrator, do not be argumentative, they only want to help.

Members should try to:

- If you are playing on a public or private server then you should be connected to the community voice communications server.

- If someone makes a mistake or has a team kill, try to assume it was an accident and give the player the benefit of the doubt. Don't get negative right away.

- If you do not know what you are doing ask someone for guidance.

- If someone does not know what they are doing ask them if they need assistance.

- If in a cooperative or team game and someone requests assistance, help if possible.

Failure to follow these community rules will result in a warning or removal of the member from our community, forums and game servers.
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