I'm a Google Local Guide. What about you?


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Google Maps has come a long ways. Along with its terrific directions, GMaps serves up pictures and reviews of restaurants, stores, attractions and more all at the tips of your fingers. Google however, wouldn't be able to if it wasnt for its vast community of users. If you're a fan of photography, constructive criticis, or maybe you just like to take pictures of your food, you can help expand Google Maps too! As you donate your opinions and pictures, google has a pretty neat scoring system. With enough points earned you can level up your status as a "Local Guide." Besides the name theres nothing local about it. Many of my very own pictures from a trip to Malta, Italy and Germany over a year ago are still gathering hundreds of views.

I'm currently a level 6 guide which has given me some cool benefits here and there. One such is access to Google Maps Preview which is essentially a closed beta version of the normal maps but with unreleased stuff! To tell the truth ive opened the app perhaps 3 times or so. It didnt have enough to make me want to use it when everything is watermarked!

I always tell myself I'll take the time someday to upload the rest of my photos for alot of famous locations like the peak of Mt. Fuji. Photos of famous places seem to be the fastest way to earn guide points. I'll have to double check how many views I've reached thus far, but some of my pictures are over 10,000 views!

I think google has something really neat and the point/level up system really grabs my attention. My only wish was for some more unique and interesting rewards. My google account does show up differently than others, such as displaying my title!

I'm curious if anyone else is a Google Local Guide or has looked into the leveling system? If so, what level guide are you?

Do you enjoy the idea of sharing some of your photos? Its neat to watch the view counter go up so high when you manage to snap some good photos!
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