I'm War.

Hey peeps! Onovia~ I love you. Just in case people haven't got a chance to meet me or hang out in game I wanted to officially say: Hi :D Thank you for being a part of Onovia. Even though I've been in the guild a while I was never much a forum or guild chat girl. I kinda enjoyed the maxed out base, sweet funny crazy guildies and did my own thing. But being in an officer role, I want to reach out more... leadership is not and easy thing. So if anyone needs me in game, TS, skype just pm me or speak up in guild chat. And if you want add me to your friends list!


hallo dear, hats off for the entry and assistance here, i am glad that you are here to serve us well...


Welcome aboard buddy..good to have you up here at this community.Juts have a great time out here.
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