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First you want to sell whatever you are gathering in the AH until you get to 4gold.

Alternate method: Spend real money on zen / earn zen on the forsaken world site to get leaves, and buy a mercury statue.

Once you have your 4 gold, go to the trade realm. check the player vendors in front of Christopher in Freedom Harbor. Find a mercury statue, which is usually 3gold 65 silver.

Press Y, click on My Guild and use 1 contribution to purchase an alchemy proxy.

With your statue and your alchemy proxy in hand, accept Midas Touch from Christopher. The first quest set you have to deliver a heavy package to three different NPCs. This is a timed quest, and I failed it the first couple of times. Christopher gives you an anti-fatigue potion (it's a red ball) that you have to click on when you start moving too slow. If you don't do this, you wont make it to the NPC before your time runs out. Do this 3 times with Christopher. At the end, you receive a book that you can open for 4-7 gold.

With your new gold, purchase another alchemy proxy.
get the 2nd Midas Touch quest from Christopher, and Raw Materials. This one has two parts. The first part is to kill 20 mobs around your level. I usually grab guild base quests at this step and do them together. Once you finish your quest, go back to Christopher and he will give you a quest to get a Pure Soul. You have to kill a horrific mob (it varies). The trick to this is to recall your pet. Wait until the mob has 20% health left, and then use the soul catcher Christopher gave you (it looks like little gears). This also rewards you a book.

Then your third one is just like the alchemy proxy. If you go to a trackstone in FH and port to twilight town, auto run to the NPC. Read the chat and do what he says. Then you have to wait 6 minutes. You have to do this twice. You will receive another book.

Your profit is about 5-7 gold.

You can do each set of three daily.

Happy GOLD!


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Unfortunately, this is outdated in 3 ways. First of all, merc stats go for 4.5-4.8g these days. Second of all, the game will now let you repeat the 3rd quest twice, making for 5 quests(and 5 Mercury's Revelations). Finally, Nightfall added a means of swapping your Revelation + more statues for Mercury's Gospels. This means that each toon can now consume up to 25 statues a day instead of 3.


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