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Hello everyone! My name is Colleen (LiLiette) and I run a business called Colleen's Crafting Corner! I make an assortment of things from Country Flag scarves to plushies!

I am reaching out to anyone who may want to purchase any Minecraft Plushies from me at this time! I am trying to earn some money to go towards my phone card for next month as well as to finish up a few things for a Cosplay I need to finish within a months time for a convention I will be going to! Right now I have these in stock!

1 Minecraft Pig- $30.00 Plus S&H (Can make another one- Have one pattern cut out, just need to put it together)
1 Blue Minecraft Sheep- $30.00 Plus S&H (But can make another since I have a pattern all cut out and ready to go)
1 Pink Minecraft Sheep- $30.00 Plus S&H (Pattern cut out, just need to put it together)
7 Minecraft Slimes- $15.00 Plus S&H
1 Cow (Just need to put together)- $35.00 Plus S&H

If there is anything else that you guys would like me to make that isn't on this list and is on my album on the forums, just let me know and message me and we will figure something out! The same if you have questions about sizes or anything like that! Thank you guys!

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