Officer Meeting, 11/18/2012


Onovia Admin
In Attendance - Cainanth, PetrifiedGuy, RoTip, WarPrincessca, Dragana, Keeps, Kana, Pleides

Welcome to Kana, a new officer and her first meeting.

New Officer meeting days suggested, still up for discussion, between Thursday and Friday.

Thank you RoTip, for your helpful post in the guide section Here and for those who wish to go to Rift, you need to sign up Here

Herbie and RoTip will be in charge of Rift this week. Clearer, concise instructions will tried to be use from now on during Rift, to avoid confusion.

Certain personality clashes/conflicts were addressed, and hopefully some understandings were reached.

Possible changes coming to corps in the near future, which will include higher standards for joining them, as well as discussions of rewards/goals. Instance activity will be required.

There is no censorship on TS. There never has been, nor will be. If you do not like the things someone is saying, or the way they're acting, feel free to address them directly about it, while remaining civil and/or tactful. Or feel free to just leave the channel you're in. If they insist on following you and giving you trouble, you may then approach an admin about the situation, if you feel you can't handle it yourself.
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