Officer meeting 3/18/13

OFFICERS IN ATTENDANCE: Pleides,WarPrincessca,TigeressMyst, and Moonslicer


1. Moon and Tiger's wedding Friday 3/22 at 7pm
2. Trade Event and Website Lottery in Progerss
3. Easter Hunt March 30th



We have a new statue!! Thank you everyone for helping to build it. We should have more opportunities for war, and bids now. Will try for a war on Thursday.


Our allies are welcome to join the teamspeak for instances, etc. A room was set up if they want to use it. Also they can join events such as the website lottery and the Easter Hunt by registering on the website and replying to the forums. If they make use of the community and want a spot they are welcome.

Notes and Additions:

In a meeting held last week, officer training was suggested and should be incoorperated. Removal of members include reason and evidence to support it such as screenshots. Welcome to new officers! Please take assigned duties seriously and stick to campfire assignments. Krys and Infernomere as well as Dragana and Cainath attended the previous as well as the officers attending this one. Emphasis was drawn to the increased zeal and funds. Guildies are doing regular GBQ's and trade runs, and events and incentives are helping. SageRavenPath and other members commented on the helpful officers and said how well we are doing. Thankyou for all the hard work recruiting and gearing new members and to all those doing guild quests and trade runs. A thread for recruits is being used and appreciated.

Thank you for attending the officer meeting and for all your hard work. OM (Officer meeting) times are posted in the guild slogan and held on team speak, at the default port.
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