Officer Meeting 6/24/12


Officers present: DaynaAnn, AndrewBlank, Cainanth, WarPrincessca, draganaflame, Rednek, and Pleides. Thank you all for attending.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: New officer, congratulations Pleides! Lit_Keeps and Killerdraca's wedding vow renewal plans are posted on the forum and there are new pics. Renacius and Rhosbelle got married~congratulations! Event for June: Invite as many people to forums/TS as possible. Our zeal has been going up consistently from rank 27 to rank 24 respectively. Thank you all for your hard work. The guild only member section is now moved to officer head quarters and the officer meeting notes are in their own section. Each meeting will have it's own thread.


1.Officer Running Instances. Each officer is picking instances to run with members. Officers will try to run these instances when they are on and support each others. Officers can post their choice in their core so that members can be aware of who to ask for help. Officer's who didn't attend the meeting can post their choices.


Cainanth: Gauntlet of Storms (GoS)

Pleides: Creekbank Valley/ Immortal Pool (CV/IP)

Redneck: Arena of Souls (AoS)

Andrew: Outer Ancestral Catacomb (OAC)

WarPrincessca: Glistening Lowlands/ Nightmare Queen (NQ/GL)

draganaflame: God's Trial (GT)

DaynaAnn: Welkin's Castle

2.Guild chat.
Guild chat rules:
Respect each other.Respect of leaders: if a leader asks you to stop a certain behavior in guild chat please do so. If you refuse this will be screen-shotted and it is cause for removal from the Onovia Guild in forsaken world. No racism. No spam. No explicit language or sexual comments. No drama. Officers will use discretion in these matters. The guild chat is holding to a pg-13 standard for the most part. Some mild forms of innuendo/cursing may or may not be tolerated, based on officer preference. Use common sense if you wouldn't say it to people you respect or care about don't say it in guild chat. If you have no respect or common sense and want to remain in the guild follow the rules to prevent removal.
Team Speak Rules:
What happens on team speak stays on team speak. Know your audience, make the party fun. If you don't like the conversation go to a different room. Harassment or outrageous behavior may lead to a temporary/permanent band. Administrators use personal discretion, if you disagree with decisions please appeal in the forum designated for this purpose.
Team-speak is not subject to Onovia Guild in Forsaken World. But the Forsaken world channel is subject to the guild. The Onovia Community Rules may differ as to the rules set forth by the Onovia guild in forsaken world. Please speak to TS3 Admins (shield icon next to member's name) or the higher ranked Onovia admin or SySop (systems operator) which is symbolized by an eagle icon to have any questions answered or issues resolved.

2.Newbie corp. Pleides is working on a newbie program which may be incorporated in her Corps. Further details to be discussed at next week's meeting. At the current time all corps require 150 contribution and meeting the rules of the individual corps leaders.

If any of the officers have any more notes, details or points to add please do.
Also if you have agenda points for next week feel free to post or send an in-game mail.

Officer meetings are held weekly on TS at 19:30 server time on Sundays.
Thank you all for attending and for all your hard work!
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