Officer Meeting 7/01/12


Officers present: Cainanth, WarPrincessca, draganaflame, Rednek, and Pleides. Thank you all for attending.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:Lots of new members and old members logging in and coming on TS! Officers can check the forums and officer meeting notes as there is often added info. The officer headquarters section in the forum now has a sub-section for meeting notes. Each officer meeting has it's own thread, officers can supply added notes and information as necessary. Redneck will be holding a trade run event and will post this in the events section. Event for June: Invite as many people to forums/TS as possible. Our zeal has been going up consistently from rank 27 to rank 23 respectively, despite the quiet weekend. The exo had 24 attendees and was done in 51 minutes! Thank you all for your hard work. The guild only member section is now moved to officer head quarters, please add info about alts, etc. in there.


1.Progress on the Officers Running Instances. Each officer is picking instances to run with members. Officers try to run these instances when they are on and support each other. Officers can post their choice in their corp so that members can be aware of who to ask for help on a paticular instance. Officer's who didn't attend the meeting can post their choices. The thread is now up in the events section. Also the officers have been trying them and had some success. Officers can still post their choices in their corps, as some have already done.

2.Newbie corp. Pleides has a newbie program in her Corps.
Requirements are as follows:
50 initial contribution
10 contribution per day
Team Speak strongly encouraged as well as Forum use.
The name of the corps is BootCamp.
After reaching 150 contribution members can move on to other corps or stay to help.

Pleides has already helped members to significantly increase their contribution.

3. Zeal and Funds
Gbq's are being done more often. On the base tab you can see green bars that indicate the faith, economy, etc. They are representing the amount of GBQ's done. They are being converted into funds every few days instead of once a month now. Also this week 6 members were promoted to honorable which requires 150 contribution. TY all so much.

4. OFFICER COMMUNICATION Please communicate via the forums or in game mail when unable to attend meetings or be in game for a while. This weekend there were power outages (including draganaflame and lit_keeps) and frequent game crashes and DC's (Redneck, Cainanth, LeeWuzX). The FW website was down as well. Also DayanaAnn was moving. So real life happens and we understand when people can't communicate but we appreciate when you do.

If any of the officers have any more notes, details or points to add please do.
Also if you have agenda points for next week feel free to post or send an in-game mail.

Officer meetings are held weekly on TS at 19:30 server time on Sundays.
Thank you all for attending and for all your hard work!
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