Officers Meeting 12/11/2012


Those in attendance at impromtu meeting Pleides, keeps, dragana, Rednekk, Gabe PetrifiedGuy.
Those who were there then left War and Cain

War and Cain stepped down from active leaders and placed dragana in charrge then left the meeting.

Descussion started with lowering the level cap to enter guild
It was brought up that recruiting lvl should start at 20 for mains and if anyone wanted to add an alt they could when they reached level 50

a vote was taken on on what level recruiting should start we were split 4-2
4 of us wanted it at 20 and 2 wanted it at 30
we comprimised on making the recruiting level 25 and aggreed that once main toons reached lvl 50 they may and an alt

A reminder was made that all oficers who recruit need to post who they recruited on the new recruits posting and all alts must be posted on the alts post.

all oficers who recruit if they have the time will take new recruits and show them around the base.

Pleides Corp is reinitiated as the boot camp caorp for new to the game and new to being in a guild
many offecers have agreed to help out when Pleides needs help or is not availble to help boot camp corp

Rednekk is willing to be Trade Corp to help teach guildies how to run trade runs and guild Trade Runs

Each Corp it was agreed on will be a teaching corp to help teach guildies.

It was agreed that we would let those in that were pushed out under the last purge of inactives so long as they were not trouble makers prior to the purge.

As of now of the date of meeting the h=member requirements and corp requirements have been suspended and promotions of p-member to h-member and h-members to corps have ben placed on hold till a dessistion has been made reguarding the requirements.

Next Meeting

Descustion of h-member requirements and Corp requirements

Anyother suggestions by officers and guildies will be placed on the table for discusion

Note for after meeting PetrifiedGuy steped down from being an officer but will still be helping out in the guild when he can.
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