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OnoviaCraft 1.12 Server Information Center

Discussion in 'Minecraft - OnoviaCraft SMP' started by Zhanchi, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. Zhanchi

    Zhanchi Administrator Staff Member

    OnoviaCraft is a public Minecraft server. There are a few plugins running on the server to assist in protections and administration tasks. OnoviaCraft strives to be as close to vanilla as possible, while still adding some conveniences such as limited teleportation, homes, a spawn area, and protections.

    This post will serve as a central hub that provides important information that will assist you in learning all about OnoviaCraft! It will be updated as changes are made to the server and community.

    The Overworld will be a persistent build world. It's where you will build your permanent structures that will persist through upgrades. New worlds will be added over time allowing players to farm new materials as they are added to the game.

    Server Information
    Server IP: vanillamc.onovia.com
    Live Map: https://onovia.com/map

    • PvP is enabled on the server, except for in claim areas where you've set options to not allow as well as spawn.

    Grief Prevention and Claims
    Grief Prevention and claims are handled via Grief Prevention. It is important to know how to use this plugin as this is the only way to ensure that your chests and buildings remain in tact and are not raided. Server admins will not refund or restore any items to you. If you do not protect your stuff, it's your loss. There are no exceptions to this.

    Some Important Notes:
    • A simple chest claim, which is how you make your first claim, will expire after 15 days of inactivity. In order to prevent expiration you will need be active on the server, or resize your claim. Resized claims have a longer expiration.
    • A claim that has been resized will expire after 60 days of inactivity. Again, you should log into the server to extend the timer.
    • In order to extend your initial 100 blocks, you need to be actively playing on the server. You can accrue a maximum of 10,000 blocks. If you reach the max claim total, your claim then becomes except from expiration.
    Please see the following video which describes how to properly protect your claims!

    Permissions and Commands
    • Teleportation - All Teleportation commands have a 3 second cast timer and a 15 second cool down. This is to prevent using teleportation as a cheat method.
      • /home - Returns you to your defined home. Players are allowed only 1 home. It is defined by either sleeping in a bed or using the /sethome command.
      • /spawn - Teleports you to the server spawn area.
      • /back - Returns you to the last area that you teleported from or died at.
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