Onovia's First Bachelor/Bachelorette (Staff) Auction


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Basically a guild member suggested this idea a month or two ago; and, last night I got to do a little impromptu version which seemed rather successful - where I was able to sell myself, effectively raising 75g for our GB core fund.

The idea is simple, officers + Kiiira and I will be up for auction where the winner (highest bidder per officer/leader) will be theirs for a total of two (2) hours during the course of one weekend or whenever they are free - an agreement you would both come to. When I say would be theirs, I mean the person would have to do whatever you want them to do - within reason of course - for an accumulated total of two hours. Examples/ideas include having them farm your mats, run you through any dungeon, carry you around wherever you wish, and more (again, all within the course of two hours). And to reiterate responsible requests, not things like: Kiiira or I won't kick any members for you; or anyone won't say something completely inappropriate in world chat; or have them spend vast amounts of soul gold/any gold coin. The two hours doesn't have to be done all at once, whatever the winner and bachelor/bachelorette agree to.

The point of this auction is to have fun and become better acquainted with the people you call your leaders. All proceeds acquired goes to our Guild Base Fund - as in I get the coin which I then use to buy leaves and purchase GB cores.

Probably should have mentioned this earlier, only bids that will be accepted are gold coin offers; and, any guildie is welcome to particapte in the bidding.

As of now I still need to talk with the officers and Kiiira to see who is on board, specifics will be posted once I have the required information I need. This is all in good fun and everyone is encouraged to share their opinions in the comments below. Bidding will take place at a specific time on a single day. That's about it, thanks. :eek:
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