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With the influx of requests to join Onovia over the past few weeks we've been able to make some room for new active players who want to join. Below is the waiting list for players to join. I'll keep this up to date by adding the players ID, status, and date of the requested entry along with other minor details. If you're someone who is waiting for an invite be sure to check this list in case there is any issues with your invitation status.

Although this is called a "Waiting List" there may be spots available at the time of your request, thus no actual waiting to join!

If you're not on the list below and would like to join Onovia in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, please post below and we'll get you added!

Sent: The invite has been sent in game successfully to the player id listed. The successfully Sent status pertains to the Uplay ID listed. If the status for your invitation request is set to Sent yet you have not received an invite yet, double check your Uplay ID with the Uplay ID listed here. The invite may of been sent successfully to another player by accident.

Invalid: On attempt of sending the invitation, an error has occurred. If the Uplay ID listed correctly matches your Uplay ID, the invitation may of been sent prior to your unlocking of the Clan Hall. If you're certain you have the Clan features unlocked via the storyline, contact @Atayeu in Discord to troubleshoot the invitation with you. If the Uplay ID is unknown or uncertain it will be stated so under the Note column. Unknown Uplay IDs may happen when gamers request invitations via discord without stating their Uplay ID (I will first attempt an invitation to a matching discord ID)

Paired With: If you've requested to join Onovia along with a friend, their name(s) will also be listed under the Paired With column within your row. Your friends will also have their own row to help display their invitation status.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Invitation Status, feel free to contact @Atayeu here on our website or on our Discord via private message for assistance.

Uplay IDDiscord IDInvite StatusEntry Requested OnPaired WithNote
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