The Division 2 - March 15th Launch


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It's finally here!

The Division 2 launches
for every one this Friday, March 15th.

However if you're like me with no patience to wait, buying the Gold Edition ($100) or higher will give you 3 days early access! That brings early access launch day to Tuesday the 12th. Here on the East Coast USA it may still only be the 11th, but in regions where its already March 12th, The Division 2 Early Access is available.

Pre-ordering the game even rewards your pick of an additional free game. The choices offered to me were, FarCry Primal, Tom Clancy's Wildlands, and Watchdogs 2! Personally i went with Watchdogs 2 as I already own Wildlands and Watchdogs 2 has some multiplayer capabilities while FarCry Primal is less expensive and strictly single player.

I really enjoyed The Division, but never stuck around for all the content that had been released for it. This time with @Kazin, who received The Division 2 free with a new PC purchase, I plan to dedicate some real time into this game.

Come and join us! Grab your copy now, some websites even have 10-20% off the pre orders! Hurry though because launch is here!


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I haven't played the division series. I did watch some game play videos and it looks smooth!


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Sup All,
So I would like to say that I would like to join you all after reading your recruitment post on Reddit. I have only played 4hr of D1, as I was a dedicated GW2 & BF player. I picked up Anthem and as you may or may not know Anthem is in a bad place right now, so I figured that I will play TD2 and really get into it this time.

So if you do not mind holding my hand just a little, nothing kinky I would love to work with you all in building a squad to reckon with.

I use to play the crap out of Ghost Recon back in the day. I also was part of a competitive Halo clan back during Halo PC 1 fun days were had back then.

Anyway my forum name is the same for Uplay so I guess I will have to log in to the game to become a part of the clan in-game? I work 4-10's with Sat-Sun-Mon off playing many hours over the weekends with 2$3hr on work nights. I am in the Eastern Time zone as well.



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SiliconShock, Hey mate I got your Uplay friend request, sorry about not seeing your post till now. You're welcome to join our discord any time and you'll usually see at least one of us in the division channel or myself over on the side members panel if you need a bit faster way to get ahold of me. We'd be happy to have you join. I've sent you a clan invite ingame!
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