This Is How You Know Developers Care


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I always look, I just can't help it! Most of the times there's nothing there, but when there is... I smile. Whether its scrap paper flying around on the ground or computer screens filled with code, when game developers take the time to fill this tiny screen space within your screen, it shows they truly care. Its been awhile since i've seen a game do it as well as in The Division 2. with over 80+ hours in game so far, i'm still finding new things. Here's a few screenshots to share.

This one is tough to read it all. Was hoping to zoom in on this picture haven't yet though. Believe it was about ketchup on sandwiches?

Radical Pizza! The perfect choice for anyone trying to survive through the collapse of the US government.

Interesting drawing, but also the textbook stood out to me. J. C. Smithe hmmm could this be Johnson C. Smith University or something else? Personally i'd like to try and scan that QR code haha

1$ voucher to be used at "Big Ass Warehouse"

This is another tough one need to clean up or find better one in game. The box made it tough to get closer. While this clipboard can be found in a few places i thought it was extra funny seeing as this specific one was at a military post. At first glance it may look like a signature list, but I was able to read one line in game that said "Get the cats" and then it was crossed off. haha i think it was actually someones last minute survival checklist! to the right in red ink the number two was written escalating the mystery. Were there 2 cats to start with or were only 2 of a larger sum of cats rescued. :( I'll have to look into the mystery of the possibly missing cats further.
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