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Ulala: Idle Adventure, having only released less than a month ago on Android, has already obtained over 1,000,000+ downloads with a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 based on ~64,566 reviews. Also found in the Apple App Store

My rating for this game, an Editor's Choice in Google Play, is a 5 out of 5!

Quick Summary
  • Unique Features
  • Team based
  • Not immensely pay to win
  • Not a simple remake of another game
  • Clean, easy to use, and enjoyable user interface
  • Caring developers who listen to players
  • Can be enjoyed for a long time; 1+ Month
  • Has a more in depth layer of play, not simply idling only

Of course the game isn't perfect, but it brings new ideas and mechanics to the highly popular idle game genre. Created by X.D. Global, who only has two other less known games in the english android/iOS app stores, Ulala brings together innovation and a refined interface for a unique experience.

What I have personally never seen before is Ulala's unique team based idle progression. Idle games can get lonely while leaving you to face off against the world until you lose interest. Ulala solves this by placing the player in a team of four players who take on the classic trinity of rpg roles; tank, healer, and DPS (damage per second).

It was only around two weeks since launch when the first update came out. It was more than just a simple patch. It brought new features and they didn't stop there. Just another two weeks or so they did it again. These features added further depth with new systems such as the Pet Farm or Costume store. Right along with the new content came quality of life changes for the old as well. More detailed and manageable UI changes are immensely appreciated and show the care in developers have for their work.

Progress through levels of dino hunting with your team earning equipment, skills, socketable gems, experience, food, and other such resources. Capture dinosaurs of various elements to fight alongside you aiding in stats and skills of their own. If competing to be the best is your thing, after creating your character you may choose which "Season" aka a sub-server that lasts 15 days, rewarding players who overtaken 85, 90, 95, or even 99% of the populous. After the season comes to an end and rewards are handed out, players rejoin one mega server. It may sound scary, afterall competing against others who have had days or weeks of time to start playing ahead of you wouldn't be fair, but the devs have us covered. Weekly rewards for overtaking a certain percentage of players is grouped by of course your current progression. This evens out and creates a fair playing field.

More than just idling with upgrades
Various dinosaurs have all sorts of skills and abilities your team has to overcome when fighting them to progress. Think of each one as a boss fight. Some spawn additional adds you need to focus, others target your back line DPS members, and others just all around do some massive AoE damage (Area of Effect).

With a variety of spells in your character's arsenal you'll have to time your silences, stuns, and other such interrupts to counter a dino's. Not doing so further in the game will most certainly lead to your entire team being wiped out in no time! Swap the order of your spells, changing longer casting spells with a short casting one followed with another longer time to cast spell; tweaking your setup just right to make sure your interrupt is used at the exact moment! There's more to it than idle and upgrade occasionally, which to me is what makes Ulala fun and continues to hold my attention.

Developers that care, not just a quick money grabbing game
Initially, once players reached a particular level and were apart of the single larger server, you would join a subset player base whom you would compete weekly with to obtain rewards. There soon came to light there was a big flaw with this approach. If a player who was from an older "Generation" and thus had more time to progress, joined another player in a newer generation, the newer generation player would be forced to join the older generation and couldn't return. With the ability to simply quick join other teams that were open to anyone joining, soon many players found themselves competing against the players who have progressed the furthest amongst anyone.

With some backlash about the mechanics of this part of the game, the developers sent out an apology acknowledging and seeing the flaw in their system along with a sweet amount of cash shop like currency. It's really great to see game developers acknowledge their mistakes and own up to them! They listened to their fans and came up with a new system that works so don't worry, you'll safely be competing in a fair progression race.

Keep up the good work!

Ulala: Idle Adventure in Google Play
Ulala: Idle Adventure in the Apple App Store

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If you've tried Ulala out already I'd like to hear what your thoughts on the game are. Share with us below.
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