Unparking your CPU cores


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Hey everyone Mayhem here. I came across something pretty cool while doing some research on titanfall's latest v-sync issues.

The process of "Unparking" your cpu cores allows them to work a bit harder without worrying about them working at a higher temperature like overclocking would. They will however pull a little bit more power.

Sounds like a benefit for anyone who isn't quite into overclocking but still looking for a tweak to help out there gaming.
I've read that doing so can help solve some tearing issues when you disable v-sync.

You can unpark your cores by using a program called "ParkControl"
here's the link for the download : http://bitsum.com/about_cpu_core_parking.php
ParkControl's UI

You can unpark your cores by editing your reg files but this is highly discouraged because more than likely you can make a mistake which is NOT good.

So my question goes out to the community, Have you ever heard of Unparking Cores or have done so yourself?

Let us know what you think, this is something i'd really like to try out.

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When you told me about it, you said to post my thoughts so here I am. I find this program pretty awesome, I didn't think it would work but I have a pretty old computer and once I tweaked it just right, it was perfect. I used to get 20 to 30 FPS; Now I get 40 to 50. I appreciate the heads up on it and I'm glad I have it now. :)



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Wow! Thats a HUGE improvement.

I'm glad to see it worked i may have to try this outmyself!
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