Using Android Emulator BlueStacks to Play Mobile Games on Desktop


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It wasn't until the launch of Pokemon Go that I looked into using a phone emulator on my pc. At the time of Pokemon Go's world launch I was living in Japan the race to become the best was alive and real! Thats when I found out I could emulate my GPS coordinates and "walk" around without actually leaving my apartment. BlueStacks at the time was the leader in android gaming emulators and arguably still is. Later after my return to the United States and my larger than luggage desktop, I wanted to try out multi-emulating android devices and pushing sequences of control to all the emulations. Multi-Memu stood out as the best for this sort of use. Fast Forward to today and I decided to give BlueStacks another try although I much rather prefer playing mobile games on an actual mobile phone/tablet.

Let's just say alot has changed in just a few years. I'll be sure to write a more in thorough review of BlueStacks and its use cases.

If you're a BlueStacks user yourself, what are you thoughts? How about the competition? I almost tried out Nox, which seems to be BlueStacks biggest competitor.


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I've tried them all. I always went back to NOX time and time again. I recently discovered a "cleaner nox" called MeMU. I de-crapify my image by removing the built in adware, installing a clean launcher and then turning off root so it doesn't return!
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