What's Next for Onovia in The Division 2


Onovia Admin
First and foremost thanks to all the division agents who have joined Onovia and took the extra step with logging into our forums! If you're reading this that probably means you! In fact, it's because of the amount of players who have shown interest in Onovia that we have some really great future plans for our members. Below is our [rough draft] roadmap for the future of Onovia in The Division 2!

Step One: Solving Our Member Cap
We've reached 50/50 members for Onovia in game! I'm still receiving serious inquiries from players who have seen Onovia's recruitment posts on reddit and other websites. To expand our number of players we'll need to create a second in game clan. This is where we need some help. We need a dedicated Division 2 player to take the lead with creating the clan. If you're the type of gamer who likes to participate by taking the extra step in helping out, this might be for you! Reach out by sending me a message here or on discord for more information. After holding this position for awhile and demonstrating your participation you'll be rewarded!

Step Two: Hosting Tournaments
With the statistics that Uplay and The Division 2 tracks we're able to offer our Onovia members a few different Tournament types along with real rewards (Division 2 gear (t-shirts), Onovia gear, PC Gaming gear, and more). A few different tournament ideas include using the exp leaderboard in the clan hall, (Combining all Onovia in game clans, the resulting top 3 players take the prizes!), timed stronghold/raid runs (top squads with the fastest times win), Conflict bases tournaments (squads with the most conflict wins in a week), most headshots earned in a week and more! Have an idea for a tournament? Let's make it happen!

To be continued...
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