will be MIA


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Hey guys,

I won't be on as much or if at all for the next few months. i moved to my dads house and i have my xbox all the time now. :) so i will be playing bf3 and soon mw3 quite a bit. add my gamertag if you wanna hit up the box.
sure enough my gamertag is: Onovia

I would also like to thank Cain and Zhan for maintaning and supporting such a great community. i've made a lot of great people and hope you keep this community alive for a long time!

take care everyone!

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Have fun Paul. If I ever get my xbox 360 back online, I'll look for ya! Don't be a stranger on the website!


yeah .. why not ... enjoy your time and get gaming ... hope we will get soon from you with loads of experiences, you would have collected till then
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