The Chatterbox – How to Get Your First Exotic Weapon

How to Get The Chatterbox, an Exotic SMG in The Division 2

If you’ve reached level 30 and advanced to World Tier 4 you may be thinking about laying claim to your very first exotic level weapon. If so, here it is! The Chatterbox, a P90 variant that’s held by the infamous Hyenas. This SMG isn’t just dropped from a rare elite boss though. You’ll need to farm up some Hyena keys and open some specific Hyena cache boxes to gather the pieces to craft this gun. Have no fear though because the RNG, drop rates / cache spawn rates aren’t too bad.

When you begin to farm the Hyena keys, its advised you group up with a full squad of friends. With each key a squad member also obtains, means one more loot drop from a Hyena Cache Box without actually using a key of your own. This effectively quadruples your drops!

I know i’ve been saving some keys to give it a go myself along with Kazin#9522 (on Discord) once he’s free to try. That means two open spots with our group if anyone else is looking to try for it this week!

Check out this video by WiLLiSGaming that further explains the process.

  • Spots to farm for Hyena keys
  • Which Hyena Cache Boxes to open for the crafting parts

What are your thoughts on The Chatterbox?
Post below what you think of this Exotic or if you’re looking for a group to farm for it with!

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