November 18, 2018
  • Final Fantasy XIV

    Final Fantasy XIV Welcomes Blue Mage

    During the FFXIV FanFest keynote, Blue Mage was announced as the next available job for FFXIV! Below are some screen shots from the Keynote!
  • Final Fantasy XIV

    Final Fantasy XIV Gear Locations by Level

    If you’re looking for armor to purchase for you alt classes, the following list should assist! This is a work in progress. If something needs to be updated, leave a comment below! 5-8: Treespeak Stables [...]
  • Map of Arathi Highlands in World of Warcraft with icons showing the spawn locations of rare mobs.

    Most Useful & Best plugins for HandyNotes

    Plugins for HandyNotes HandyNotes is one of my favorite and most used addons. I’ve even included it in my list of Essential and Highly Suggested WoW Addons For those who may not be familiar with it, HandyNotes [...]