How to Disable Enhance Pointer Precision

Here’s one option that Windows puts on by default that you’ll definitely want to turn off! I’ve noticed Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) also has this option on by default. It seems a bit deceiving with its name, “Enhance pointer precision.” Hell yeah I want more precision! Don’t be fooled though! What this feature actually does is accelerate your mouses speed from point A to your assumed landing point B.

Let’s break it down so it’s a bit easier to understand. If your mouse pointer is standing still, let’s call that point A. You want to move your pointer 800 pixels to the right. We’ll call the landing/stop location point B. As your pointer takes of from point A heading towards point B, the faster/further you move towards point B Windows begins to increase the speed your mouse pointer moves. Because the computer doesn’t know where you plan to go and stop at (Point B), it doesn’t stop the accelerated speed boost until you begin to slow down/stop your pointer yourself.

FPS games are huge with muscle memory. Knowing just how much hand/arm movement is required to move your mouse physically to equal an exact amount of movement on screen is key. The Enhance pointer precision option throws off your sense of muscle memory by accelerating your mouse at an undefined pace/distinance making you over or undershoot your target.

To access your Mouse Properties, first go to your Control Panel, then select “Mouse” among the many options. Within the new window that pops up select the Pointer Options tab and you should see the same screen as shown below.

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