How to view your mouse DPI settings

Your mouse, more so with gaming mice, comes with 3rd-party software for setting macros or even changing dpi. Some mice even come with a DPI-Switch /DPI-Shift feature, a button on the mouse you can either hold down (useful when sniping) or press to toggle your mouse’s sensitivity to a much lower dpi. If your mouse has this then it probably has some software you can get online. In this software is the easiest way to check out your DPI. Most of my accessories are Logitech and they all make use of Logitech Gaming Software.

Logitech Gaming Software

You’ll notice a few benefits this kind of software can offer. The “Profiles” allow me to set settings specific to each game I play. Everytime I launch of the profiles I have, my mouse will switch its settings over. On the bottom you’ll see “Acceleration (Enhance Pointer Precision)” which is unchecked. This feature is what the second tip further within this article is referring to.

If your mouse doesn’t come with any software there’s always Microsoft’s own version called “Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.” There may be some third party gaming ones that are out there, so it’s worth giving that a search as well. You can download the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software here. This will also allow you to view and set DPI Sensitivity Levels.

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