Operation Dark Hours – The Long Awaited Raid is Here

Its ready, but are you? I certainly hope so! Operation Dark Hours patch notes are available to look at and there’s alot to look forward to beyond just the raid. Of course the new 8 player raid takes the forefront of new cool things, below are a few highlights I found interesting. If you want to view the patch notes and all its entirety you can do so here: View Operation Dark Hours Patch Notes describing new features and fixes

Some Highlights

New Feature: Classified Assignments: The Fall of DC

  • Classified Assignments are only for Year 1 Pass Holders

New Apparel Event: Dark Hours

  • Players can now select the civilian takeover icon on the map as a respawn option during Control Point takeover. The option is disabled after the enemy leader joins the fight.
  • Players can now fast travel to civilian convoys and takeover squads from the map.
  • ~Quite a few nerfs to enemies (damage decreases, grenade accuracy, ladder usage %)
    • // personally i’m not a fan of decreasing difficulty, I’d rather see more playstyles/tactics to allow players to become better if needed.
  • New feature:Post Mission Activity Summary
    • After completing missions, players may opt to look at an activity summary showcasing their performance in that activity and allowing an expanded look at a variety of detailed statistics.
  • Slightly reduced the quality of items from Clan Caches.
    • // bummer!
  • Loot now skews more towards the top end of its allowed Gear Score, resulting in fewer items below a player’s average Gear Score, and items that do drop below it will be closer to that average more often.
  • True Patriot
    • Decreased debuff cycle from 4 seconds to 2 seconds.
    • Increased damage dealt to nearby targets when Full Flag is active to 50%.
    • // This set is going to be really useful with this new raid. at least one team member using it. These buffs to it will certainly help, I personally thought the cycle was a bit too long myself
  • Increased the base cap for Receiver Components and Protective Fabric crafting materials by 200, meaning that their caps now start at 350 and end at 600 with all material capacity perks.
    • // THANK YOU
  • Removed some commendation that were certainly the most difficult to obtain, they required consistent login activity as high as 30 consecutive days.

Remember to check out the full patch notes to view more.
If you’re ready to tackle the new raid, jump on discord and lets form up!

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