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Grim Dawn
Action Role Playing Game (arpg) sold on steam. Check out the newly listed Grim Dawn Definitive Edition bundle for a discount of 15% off. The bundle includes the base game Grim Dawn itself, Ashes of Malmouth, Forgotten Gods, and Crucible.​​List of Grim Dawn DLC and Expansions​

  • Crucible
  • Ashes of Malmouth
  • Forgotten Gods

​Crucible is the first release back in 2016 followed by Ashes of Malmouth on October 11, 2017 and finally Forgotten Gods.​​Forgotten Gods is the newest DLC / expansion to the game, released on March 27, 2019.​​Grim Dawn’s biggest update ever of completely free content, just came out on November 22, 2019. Version features hundreds of fixes and adjustments developers had been working on over the past few months. The time to play has never been better. With so many changes to their immense database of items, weapons, and gear, players are testing all new playstyles, builds and classes.​​Is Grim Dawn Forgotten Gods any good? Absolutely! ​If you’re worried about the expansion being worth it, don’t be! The amount of time you can sink into its new quests, new zones, and slaying new monster baddies is a lot.​​
The Community
Like many loot based ARPG you’ll probably find yourself browsing the web for help optimizing your class builds. Find dedicated and kind players who have written in depth guides and constantly keep updated with new material on the official Grim Dawn forums.​​I’ve already befriended a couple of fellow players whom I came across by hosting an open lobby. I’m surprised at how kind and considerate many of the game’s players are. Grim Dawn is a great game to find others to play with. Host a open lobby and players will join! Many were happy to help me with build questions and more, which turned into a steam friendship where we continue to join each others lobby!​
Guides & Builds

Build Calculator – Shrine Checklist – Interactive Maps
It’s always a good idea to plan out your build ahead of time. Grim Tools is the perfect web based build calculator and more. It not only allows you to allocate points for test builds, but it includes interactive world maps, item/pet/monster databases, and a shrine checklist so you can make sure your character has ever possible devotion point available. Even better, if you’re uncertain which shrines you’re missing, you can upload a small character file and Grim Tools will check what you’ve already completed. You’ll find other players sharing their characters via grimtools everywhere.​​Grim Tools: Build Calculator, Interactive Maps, Checklist, and Databases for Grim Dawn​​If you’re looking for help trying to find an NPC or finish a quest I suggest heading over to the Grim Dawn Wiki. The Wiki includes quest explanations and screenshots depicting NPC / points of interest for all the quests.

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