Best Fortnite Festival Key bindings for PC

When choosing the best Fortnite Festival Mouse and Keyboard (KBM) key bindings on PC, you want to pick the most comfortable key combinations. Here’s a quick look at some of the keyboard and mouse key bindings for Fortnite Festival on PC or console if you’re using KBM.

I personally started playing with the Alternative layout, but with some testing found the Optimal and Optimal v2 options were better when playing on expert difficulty. Especially when fast paced drum songs required repetitive two note combos back to back. Check out the In Action Comfortability section below to further understand why.

Best Layouts
Avoids keys next to each other specifically the W key

LayoutFirst NoteSecond NoteThird NoteFourth NoteFifth NoteOverdrive
Optimal v1
(norm/Smaller hands)
Optimal v2
(norm/Larger hands)
The default and two Keyboard and Mouse key binding layouts that are the best for obtaining perfect song scores on expert difficulty in Fortnite Festival on computer. I’ve used all three with great results. Test which layout feels more comfortable by using both Idle State and In Action comfortability measurements.

Best Layouts
Uses keys in a line – Easier to learn

LayoutFirst NoteSecond NoteThird NoteFourth NoteFifth NoteOverdrive
(norm/Smaller hands)
(norm/Larger hands)
Keyboard and Mouse key binding layouts that are the best for obtaining perfect song scores on expert difficulty in Fortnite Festival on computer. I’ve used all three with great results. Test which layout feels more comfortable by using both Idle State and In Action comfortability measurements.

Optimal v1 vs v2 Layouts and ASD vs QWE Layout

Highly dependent on your personal dexterity and what you’re most used to.

Take note that your hand may feel more comfortable with the Optimal v2 or ASD layouts when laid at rest on the keys, however by bringing your fingers down a row such as in the Optimal v1 or QWE layouts respectively, you’ll find your fingers slightly more responsive. For example it may become generally easier to hit combo notes (two notes at once) either repetitively, such as more than three or six two note combos in a row, as well as while transitioning between such combo notes when at max difficulty. The repetitive combo notes can tax finger/hand muscles. This does not mean the layout that utilizes a the lower row of keys is better though. If your hand is naturally more comfortable and just as responsive while stretched on the higher row, then you should go with the Optimal v1 or QWE layouts.

In depth Guide to choosing or creating the best Key bind layout for Fortnite Festival

Want to play expert songs perfectly?

Here’s the in depth reasoning and how to guide on making the ultimate Fortnite Festival key binding layout on computer and even console players, when using a keyboard and mouse.

What All the Other “Best” Key Bind Layouts are Missing

I decided to write this article after having searched online for the best Fortnite Festival key bindings on pc when using a keyboard and mouse. At the time of writing this article, months after Fortnite Festival’s release, not one article even mentions the use of the mouse! What a HUGE mistake it is to forget about using the mouse! As an avid computer gamer, having one hand on the keyboard and the other on my mouse is the absolute most comfortable position for both of my hands. Why would you ever want to change that up? The only reason you should be moving your second hand to your keyboard is when you’re in need of more keys such as during typing. Fortnite Festival only requires six key bindings during play and a few extra when out of play such as between songs or while backstage.

I highly suggest you take use of what you’re already well practiced in, left and right clicking! With those two key binds already out of the way, that leaves the more task driven alternative hand on the keyboard to handle the rest.

Displays the correct settings menu screen where you may customize mouse and keyboard key bindings for Fortnite Festivale.
Example screenshot the Keyboard Controls window within the settings menu where you may customize Fortnite Festival key bindings.

Deciding on the Best KBM Layout: Idle vs In Action

There are two different metrics you need to pay attention to when creating/checking if a layout is the best or not for you. Let’s call these two measurements Idle State Comfortability and In Action Comfortability. Both measurements are related to your hand’s comfortability which directly translates to your hand and finger’s ability to respond not only on time, but correctly as well.

Idle State Comfortability

The first metric, Idle State Comfortability, is determined by measuring a layout’s comfortability while your hand is at an idle, unmoving/at rest state with each finger placed on the starting keys. In most rhythm, and similarly styled games, require a speedy response, thus it is best to not have to move your fingers between keys at all to reduce time between inputting commands. Luckily for Fortnite Festival there won’t be a need to move your fingers from their starting key locations.

How to measure Idle State Comfortability

Idle state comfortability (ISC) is measured by simply resting your hand atop your keyboard and mouse with your fingertips resting on all of the crucial key binds as if you were going to press any of the keys at any given moment. If you’re shifting your hand prior to pressing a key, then your idle state should actually be measured from the moment before you press a key. Try to avoid allowing your hand from returning to the unnecessary pre-idle state to reduce time between inputting commands.

Simple enough so far, right?

Here’s what you’ll want to focus on when checking your idle state comfortability and determining what adjustments are needed. While testing out your layout, if you’re accidently hitting an incorrect key either alone or in addition to the correct one, then take a closer look at your idle state’s comfortability relative to that finger and see if there isn’t another key that would reduce the distance you’re stretching that finger. It may feel like no big deal to stretch your finger out just a little bit, but when in the heat of battle [or music] that extra stretch is likely what is costing your chance at achieving a perfect score.

Does it feel like you’re stretching any particular finger (commonly the pinky) to reach the desired key? If so, you’ll want to choose a key closer to your other fingers’ center area of placement. These will most likely be your ring, middle and pointer finger’s placement.

In Action Comfortability

In Action Comfortability (IAC) is our second measurement and perhaps the most important factor when choosing your key bindings to create the best mouse and keyboard layout for not only Fortnite Festival and other rhythm style games, but almost any video game! Its worth noting In Action Comfortability measurements can vary greatly depending on a player’s finger dexterity which is determined and trained through practice. Guitarists and piano players for example, will find they have a much wider array of comfortable options available to them due to other hobbies/lifestyles requiring extended finger pressure and stretchability to reach distant piano keys or guitar strings. This is why its so crucial for every player to take moment and respond to what your hand is telling you!

When battling for a perfect score on expert difficulty, you’ll often come across two notes (keys) to be hit at the same time. Sometimes these dual notes are followed up by a repetitive rhythm requiring a repeat of the same two notes or alternating to a completely different set of (or just 1 of the 2) notes. For example, being required to hit, Q+W, Q+W, Q+W, Q+E, Q+E, Q+W, Q+W at 1/4 time.1 To better understand the importance these repetitive yet seemingly simple key combinations place on In Action Comfortability, go ahead right now and press two keys down at the same time using two fingers on the same hand. For example, try pressing Q (with your ring finger) and W (with your middle finger) or Q (ring finger) and E (pointer finger) down at the same time 3 to 5 times in a row followed by pressing Q (with your ring finger) and R (with your pointer finger) an additional 3 to 5 times all at 1/4 time.1

Notice any difference?
It can be quite subtle, but the muscles in your hand likely find it more comfortable to press Q+E or Q+R together at the same time compared to Q+W. Personally, I’m far more dexterous with my pointer finger compared to my ring and middle finger from every day life’s tasks requiring the use of my pointer more often than the other fingers (excluding the thumb in this instance). At its core, In Action Comfortability is a metric that is meant to take your individual finger’s level of dexterity and your hand’s muscles surrounding the relevant fingers in action to help determine where your hand may feel weaker when responding to hitting more than one key at the same time under both fast or repetitive circumstances. These weak points are often the first cause of input errors at higher levels of difficulty.

How to measure In Action Comfortability

You’ve likely played Fortnite Festival already and have somewhat of an idea what key combinations will be required of you to press while in game. Ideally you want to make sure every two note combination can be pressed comfortably.

I personally haven't ran across a Triple Note yet, so if you've found a triple note please share and let me know which song it was in!  

You goal is to find any uncomfortable feelings at two key points of time.

The first is when using the same muscles repetitively to press the same two keys at 1/4 time.1

The second is during a change between pressing a two note combination and pressing the next two note combo. For example going from pressing Q+W then Q+R or W+E to Q+R etc.

To test, simply use the same approach I described in the section above, when I described how to better understand the importance of In Action Comfortability. This time however, test with not only all of the two note combinations, but also the larger overlying combination that includes two note combos played 5 times at 1/4 time1 followed by a different two note combo 5 times again.

It may seem like a lot to test, but it should only take you around 2 minutes at most to get through. After giving it a quick go, you’ll be able to refine your layout from testing while in game now that you know what to look for.

1. 1/4 time references one beat in a measure where a quarter note gets one beat. Thus the key combinations are played as a quarter note.

Songs to Test and Practice In Action Comfortability

i by Kendrick Lamar

Instrument: Lead
2-Note Combo Difficulty: Fast and a lot of Alternating
This song may be a bit too difficult for testing, but perhaps you’re just that good already? Give it a whirl!

Additional Key Bindings

While the primary focus is on the key binds used during song gameplay, there are a few additional ones you are welcome to change. These include: Toggle Ready, Cycle Difficulty, Cycle to Previous Instrument, and Cycle to Next Instrument. The two cycle instruments key bindings are set to cycle up and cycle down respectively. While these are completely preferential, I changed my Toggle Ready and Cycle Difficulty key bindings to keys I wouldn’t accidently hit while running around and emoting in the Backstage prep room. When you’re either in full panic mode trying to pick a song before the timer runs out or you’re just getting rid of any preshow jitters by emoting with the band, it can easy enough to accidently hit one of the two key binds and mistakenly cycle to the incorrect instrument or difficulty. I made sure to set these keys well apart from my emote key and other such hotly used keys when backstage.

‘M’ Key Not Opening Quest Menu

If you find the M key isn’t opening the Quests menu up for you, even though it is displayed in the top left corner of your screen as the key binding to do so, this is likely because you’ve changed your default key binding to open your Map in battle royale mode. You may notice the Quest Menu prompt appear while backstage or during a song’s play time.

For example I’ve set the Tab key to open my map when playing Zero Build Battle Royale mode. This is because of the high frequency I’m using it. I use the Map window much more than the Inventory window which by default is bound to the Tab key. This means while in Fortnite Festival mode, I must use the Tab key to open my quests! There isn’t a key binding option specifically for opening and closing the quests screen in Fortnite Festival just yet. This is likely the reason behind M key being incorrectly displayed on screen as the Quest menu hotkey.

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