• Starfield: Where to get digipicks in New Atlantis

    If you need to pick up digipicks, visit Wen Tseng inside of the UC Distribution building. She has a stock of 10 to start, but I am unsure of a restock timer.

  • Monthly Giveaway for Discord Nitro Boosters!

    As a way to give back to those of you who have boosted our discord server, we’re giving away your pick of in-game loot bundles and occasionally even full games or game related gift-cards! Each month 2 users who are currently listed as @Nitro Boosters on the first of each month, are able to pick…

  • OnoviaARK: Survival Ascended Cluster

    ARK: Survival Ascended should hopefully be released by the end of October! We will certainly be hosting a dedicated cluster on release. Our immediate plan is to run most settings at or close to official rates. Mods will be

  • Quick & Simple Final Fantasy XIV Macros That Will Make Your Life Easier

    You may have noticed Final Fantasy XIV Online allows players to create their very own custom macros. If you’re new to the world of using/creating macros in video games, don’t worry, using and creating macros are not considered cheating in most MMOs. There are of course limitations and restrictions depending on the game. Usually macros…

  • Steam Games Worth Following their Progress

    After having browsed through just about every game available on steam, I’m always checking up on the new and upcoming game list. One such game i’m waiting for is Tesla Force, a top down action RPG with a mashup of Lovecraftian and Tesla lore. There’s been a some predecessors that wasn’t anything remarkable but was…

  • PS5 Unreal Playstation 5 Tech Demo

    As we get closer and closer to the release of next gen hardware, we’re going to be seeing some amazing tech demos and in game footage. Take a look at this amazing Tech Demo of Unreal Engine 5 running on the Playstation 5!