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  1. forsoccerlive

    I'm Back!

    I'm Back!
  2. forsoccerlive

    will be MIA

    Hey guys, I won't be on as much or if at all for the next few months. i moved to my dads house and i have my xbox all the time now. :) so i will be playing bf3 and soon mw3 quite a bit. add my gamertag if you wanna hit up the box. sure enough my gamertag is: Onovia I would also like...
  3. forsoccerlive

    I still need a team!

    I still have this drive to get a tournament team going. I know we have good talent here so lets use it. please hit me up!:cool:
  4. forsoccerlive

    Video: Epic Dominion Comeback

    oh okay. well i was watching this at work and i didn't know if i was hearing things. haha. good song though
  5. forsoccerlive

    Video: Epic Dominion Comeback

    do you have music playin in the background?
  6. forsoccerlive

    Dominion Has Arived!!!

    more like capture and defend
  7. forsoccerlive

    Dominion Has Arived!!!

    dominion bloows
  8. forsoccerlive

    5V5 tournament

    noooope.... :mad:
  9. forsoccerlive

    cookie and forsoccerlive straight carrying! Cookie and I straight owned!
  10. forsoccerlive

    My LiveStream is UP!

    Hey Guys! I started a livestream! i'd like for all of you to check it out at some point! maybe get my stream on so we can get some more publicity! heres my link!
  11. forsoccerlive

    At Work

    You know your a hardcore Onovia Community Member when your on the forums at work! lol! :) im sooo bored!
  12. forsoccerlive

    Photoshop Users

    Hey Guys, Is there anyone that can make me a banner? i'd really like to get one on the forums. If you can help me please get a hold of me, :)
  13. forsoccerlive

    Prancing Ponies Win

    couldn't be happier with that outcome good job team. ;)
  14. forsoccerlive

    5V5 tournament

    i know its the 4th today. However, as soon as the leaders for the teams are available...make sure to talk to one another and figure out a time for the matches. everyone needs to be available. :) Have a safe 4th of July! :o
  15. forsoccerlive


    Hey guys. i'm gonna be gone till next weekend. have a safe 4th and keep your fingers! lol. Paul
  16. forsoccerlive

    LOL Moderator

    thankk you! :)
  17. forsoccerlive

    5V5 tournament

    Team Name: Prancing Ponies Team Members: Cookie(Leader), Forsoccerlive, Gilroy, Sleepylad, Mordkai. we will have another member. but just wanted to get registered first. thank you.
  18. forsoccerlive

    Lol ranked matches

    it looks like we are finally playing more ranked matches. that makes me happy. we just need to find a good team comp.
  19. forsoccerlive

    Lol ranked matches

    add me on LoL, Payje forsoccerlive
  20. forsoccerlive

    League of Legends Blog

    hey sarge, yeah bro! i'd like to help out. give me the URL. i'll check it out. i have a few good guides i could add.
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