Minecraft Villagers and Their Professions

A full list of village and pillage workstation blocks and their corresponding villagers below:

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  1. Thank you for listing this, I havent played the game in a while and had no idea why my village I custom made on a server had non – tradeable villagers. this helped alot!

  2. im in creative and non of they are not changing to the job i set for them and im on bedrock any ideas

  3. Thank u I was trying to remember what table a mason needed any GOOGLE WOULD NOT TELL ME

  4. This is very helpful as I can not find a website as helpful as this one. I can never remember what workstation makes what villager.

    • You put them near a composter and make sure any of the other work blocks are not too near him.

  5. no the water wont help. when the workstation gets upset it means its too far from the villager 😉

  6. This was very Helpful, I finally got my villager(s) the required resources I needed. Big thanks, I hope to see more of these tips with further updates to minecraft.

  7. i play on a server and we have to go fight the dragon today so a few days ago i found this page and know have a diamond sword and a full set of diamond armor! thank you for making this website can not wate to fight the dragon!

  8. thx alot now i know what kind of blocks i need for my villager, jimmy. but i have one question all of my villager are gone but jimmy. im not sure if they despawn but in guessing thats what happened. and i really am so happy i found this site thx.

  9. and the funny thing is the first villager in was going to be the king and guess who it was……… the farmer and my 4 villagers sleep next to each other

  10. I made a xp farm but sometimes it works or sometimes not mobs spawn around my house but not in farm what should i do???

  11. I have been working on a giant project for a city it’s took me more than 2 weeks of building and I’m finally putting villagers and I always forget the different professions so I always come to this website when I forget. Thank for making this website!