OnoviaARK: Survival Ascended Cluster

It’s almost time to get ARK’D again!

We should hopefully be released by the end of October! I will be hosting OnoviaARK: Survival Ascended dedicated cluster on release.

Our immediate plan is to run most settings at or close to official rates. Mods will be looked at some after the dust settles. There hasn’t been much talk other than they will probably be hosted by Overwolf.

Many people came and went over several years of running OnoviaARK. I spent a lot of time fine tuning 2 dedicated servers to create a well running full cluster and I plan on doing the same again for ARK: Survival Ascended! I am looking for some candidates for admin and moderation roles. Please reach out to me on discord so we can chat!

I’m most looking forward to the enhanced UE5 visuals, better performance, and hopefully a less glitchy gameplay!

What are you most looking forward to with ARK: Survival Ascended?

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