Support the Community

Onovia hosts all game servers on powerful servers located in data centers. There is a large investment to maintain both the cost of the servers as well as time spent to maintain them.

While your support is of course welcomed, players and community members are not expected to. There are several ways that you might think of supporting Onovia Gaming Community.

Supporting members will be recognized in other ways where possible. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to message Zhandroid in Discord!


Support via Patreon
There are several price levels that you may contribute to the financial expenses of Onovia Gaming Community. Patreon benefits currently include a special Discord role and access to our Supporting Members only chat.

In order to receive your role in Discord, please make sure you Link Your Discord in Patreon! This can take several hours to update!

Boosting the Discord Server

Members that boost the discord server are assigned the Boosted role and have access to the Supporting Members only chat.

Running a Community Server

Onovia currently has capacity to run several additional game servers. If you are interested in being a community leader and maintain a game server, you should reach out to Zhandroid on the Onovia Gaming Community discord.