The League of Legends Champion Power Spike Compendium

Greetings Summoners,

As a top lane main, I know that power spikes can make or break not only your laning phase, but can pave the road for the rest of the game as well. I certainly don’t know all of them for every champion, but I’ve embarked on a journey to do just that. After some searching some time ago I came across a google sheet document that included a plethora of fantastic information regarding champion power spikes. The problem? It’s outdated! So I’ve gone ahead and put together the framework for a new google sheets document that easily displays champion power spikes. Sadly, I don’t know everything needed to fill it out myself.

This is where you come in. I need your help! Help me fill out this document by sharing your knowledge and discussing champion power spikes below. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across a lesser known power spike, but by no means any less potent. I want to hear about it!

What is a Champion Power Spike?

Champion power spikes come in two flavors, level and item based. An item or a level (ex. unlocking your ultimate) may make a champion more powerful for obvious reasons, but a power spike goes the extra mile. It’s important to make note of the difference even if it is a fine line. A champion’s power spike often initiates action such as playing differently or going all in utilizing a particular spell combo at level 2 (talon).

If we really want to get into some min/maxing, one could say some power spikes may even be specific to a summoner’s particular play style. For example, upon meeting the power spike’s requirements, a summoner may begin making moves to set up for an uncommon and unexpected play.

Food for thought: Do you think “cheese” plays can be considered a power spike? Often times determining whether or not to engage in such a risk/reward play comes down to skills or items available. Perhaps too much of a stretch?

The purpose of this post is to promote critical thinking when it comes to not only a champion’s power spike, but also how to play versus or as the champion with the spike. Combining a power spike along with a method of execution can create some truly skilled play.

Does your win condition change when reaching certain power spikes?

I think so! When a power spike has the potential to completely change how you handle your micro, then your conditions to win that laning phase are likely to shift as well. I’d like to hear some examples of shifting win conditions due to power spikes!

Champion Power Spike Compendium:

Click here to view the League of Legends Champion Power Spike Compendium

It’s quite empty at the moment.

Submit a Power Spike:

If you think you have the game knowledge and want to help out, here is a form I’ve created to have the power spike added to the data sheet. Prior to submitting for the addition of the power spike, discuss it below with fellow summoners! Fresh insights can lead to potentially even more advanced power spikes.

Click here to access the form to submit a power spike to the Compendium

Depending on how many responses I receive it may take a little time to go through the responses. Hold tight!

Little about myself

I’ve been playing on and off since before Season 1. Of course there’s been a few year gaps in there, but i’ve always enjoyed the competitiveness and room to grow with league. I like to break down the data when it comes to games, “min-maxing” some call it. With constructive, critical, and open thinking I try my best to expand my gameplay while building better habits. I’m by no means a pro and can likely learn as much from you as you can from me! My goal with this post is to bring something to the table that can be referred to over and over while remaining under progressive peer review. All thoughts welcome!

Main Role:Top
#1 Champ:Illaoi
#2 Champ:Yorick
Other:Urgot, Morde, Jax
Secondary Role:Middle

Feel free to message me on discord at Atayeu#8377 if you’d like to talk to me directly.

I’m of course open to suggestions and opinions! Share your helpful thoughts so we can make this project even better.

Happy Gaming!

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