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  1. Zhandroid

    Thoughts on the game?

    So Division 2 has been out for a few days now. What's everyone's thoughts? It looks extremely smooth. Is there enough content to keep people engaged?
  2. Zhandroid

    Minecraft 1.14 Feature Overview

    Minecraft 1.14 is right around the corner. This looks to be an even bigger update than 1.13 was! Here's an excellent recap of coming changes. What's your favorite upcoming feature?
  3. Zhandroid

    Discord Integration

    Hey everyone. Hard to believe it's already mid-March! We've finally got Discord integration on the forums. In order to access all chat and voice rooms on the server, you will need to be registered here on the forums and link your discord account. You can register to the forums with your...
  4. Zhandroid

    Awesome Minecraft Resources

    I'm going to use this thread as a bookmark holder to some great resources that I've found! If you have any to share that you use frequently, leave a reply and I'll add it to the post! Monster Spawner Command Generator This site allows you to generate a command for spawning in a monster spawner...
  5. Zhandroid

    The Division 2 - March 15th Launch

    I haven't played the division series. I did watch some game play videos and it looks smooth!
  6. Zhandroid

    OnoviaARK Cluster Server Information

    Aberration was added to the cluster on March 7.
  7. Zhandroid

    Cluster updated to 293.104

    Current Server Version: v293.104 - Fix for crash related to placing Tek Bridges Note that this is a server side only update.
  8. Zhandroid

    ARK: Survival Evolved on sale until March 11

    ARK: Survival Evolved is currently on sale on Steam at 60% off. The price tag is only %19.95! This is definitely a bargain! If you've been thinking about playing, you should pick it up now before it returns to the normal $49.95
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    Community Conduct Guidelines

    Updated some verbiage
  10. Zhandroid

    Welcome Back, Forums!

    I decided that I was going to bring the forums back. I'll be working on adding more content and cleaning the categories over time. If you have any suggestions or requests, let me know!
  11. Zhandroid

    OnoviaARK Cluster Server Information

    ARK Server Cluster We are currently running our servers in what's called a cluster. Clusters allow you to transfer your character, dinos and items to and from each one of the servers so that you may play on any map. All servers share the same settings. As always, we are open to config setting...
  12. Zhandroid

    ARK 293.100 Breaks S+ Mod Snap Points

    If has been confirmed in multiple locations that S+ snap points were unintentionally broken by the game devs. After flip flopping the server back and forth, I've finally settled on keeping the S+ mod installed so that we don't loose anything. The down side to this is that most snap points are...
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  14. Zhandroid

    Time to play again!

    It's nice to see some old faces coming back!!
  15. Zhandroid

    Adventure: Server Upgrade

    I noticed last night that the server was a little laggy. I've added another CPU core and an additional 2GB of RAM to the server. This should speed things up significantly!
  16. Zhandroid

    Onovia Adventure Mod Pack

    Horse / Pet armor is now craft-able. Bellow are the recipes.
  17. Zhandroid

    Onovia Adventure Mod Pack

    Description: Survive and adventure, if you dare... Mod List: BiblioCraft Bookcases, armor stands, shelves and so much more! BiblioWoods[Natura] Adds support for Natura woods to BiblioCraft blocks. chocolateQuest Adds dungeons, new mobs and items. CodeChickenCore IguanaTinkerTweaks...
  18. Zhandroid

    Would you ditch your favorite game for 1 million?

    LOL. It's so true. I spend a lot of time gaming, and then rush last minute to get chores and errands done!
  19. Zhandroid

    Windows 10

    Who's going to be installing Windows 10 upgrade? What OS are you going from?
  20. Zhandroid

    Thanks Gary Rascoe for your support!

    Thanks Gary Rascoe for your support!
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